Walkathon-Ansarullah NZ Initiative

In 2009 Majlis Ansarullah initiatied a scheme for serving the Community and decided on a Walkathon event to be held annually. The receipient for the funds raised from the event was to to go the Royal NZ Foundation of the Blind (as it was known then). The Foundation’s Guide Dog training faciltities is located in Brown’s Road just around the corner from the Mosque. The event was a 10 Kilometer walk and members were encouraged to obtain sponsorship for the walk. The first year’s walk was held in the vicinity of the mosque on 6th May,2009. It was well patronised by members of Ansarullah, Khuddam as well as Lajna Imaillah. Our sponsors were overwhelmed by our collection of $2,500 from this event. All subsequent event has been held at the Auckland Council’s Barry Curtis Park at Flatbush provided free of charge to us. Participation in the event has been growing steadily with staff from our members’ business also joining us for the walk. To improve participation, the Jamaát Family Day coincides with the event so all members and participants are able to enjoy a sausage sizzle after the event. Also in recent years, we have been fortunate to get the external sponsorship for the meal as well. The Amila has decided that whilst the major receipient will always be the Blind Foundation NZ, a portion of the proceeds should also go to our own Humanitarian organisation, Humanity First NZ By the grace of Allah, the funds raised has been steadily increasing year by year and contributions to Blind Foundation so far we have donated close to $40,000 to the Blind Foundation NZ. We pray that by the grace of Allah this event will be a major event in the Jamaát’s calendar on future.